Company Milestones

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Company Milestones 


The second stage of production expansion has been completed. A modernized production line for the production of PVA dispersions has been launched. The company is entering the program "improving productivity and employment support". The new GOST-R "Adhesives for floor coverings" comes into force. Homa took part in its development.


The first stage of the production expansion project has been completed. A new production line for the production of acrylic copolymer dispersions has been launched. The enterprises are visited by specialists of the Nomura Institute and Toyota Engineering Corporation as part of the Russian-Japanese program "Diagnostics of productivity of Russian enterprises". New GOST-R "Adhesives for floor coverings" was approved. Homa took part in its development. The company successfully passes audits of Knauf and Leroy-Merlin companies.


The Homa company begins implementation of the project of expansion of production in Dzerzhinsk. Products under the Homa brand are included in the plan for import substitution in the chemical industry of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. Homa was one of 12 Russian companies selected to participate in the project "Diagnostics of productivity of Russian enterprises by Japanese experts and improvement of their efficiency".

Starts cooperation with the company BYK Additives & Instruments. As part of the cooperation, the first Russian laboratory for technical support of BYK products is opened in Shchelkovo.

Over the next two years, the production in Dzerzhinsk is certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) quality management System. The capacity of the styrene-acrylic dispersion line reaches 1,800 tons per month. The capacity of the PVAD line reached 150 tons per month. A new direction is being created-the production of adhesives for packaging, packaging and labels.


A Center for innovation and technology is being created. Its strategic goal is to find new promising products and trends in the field of chemistry of film-forming and special materials for various industries, as well as their introduction to consumers.


In Dzerzhinsk, a new line is launched-production of polyvinyl acetate dispersions, designed to bring to market water-resistant PVA adhesives with water resistance class D3. Over the next year, the volume of production of styrene-acrylic dispersions reaches more than 1,000 tons / month.


Over the next five years, the company expands its range of water-dispersion materials. Among them are those who do not contain organic solvents. A comprehensive rebranding of the HOMA company is being carried out.


Just two years later, the polymer dispersion research center opens. A plant for their production in Dzerzhinsk is also being launched. Production of styrene-acrylic dispersions reaches 450 tons per month.


The formation of the company HOMA begins with the formation of the research center of water materials. They develop the first recipes. Production lines of adhesives and water-dispersion paints for the construction and furniture industries are being launched at the plant in Shcherbinka.