Our Mission

We create our own formulations and technologies! We don't need to copy others. 


Our mission is to raise the prestige of Russian industrial enterprise through high quality products



  • our own unique recipes and technological developments;
  • refinement of our basic formulations for specific technical specifications;
  • an effective control system that ensures the ability to create world-class high-tech products;
  • quality control not only at the compound level, but also during the synthesis of raw materials;
  • technical support implementation and proprietary product support at all stages;
  • strategic partnerships with major manufacturers.


Our company values are similar to a compass heading. They enable us to maintain the correct course in the daily routines of everyday life and remind us of how to conduct ourselves with regards to work, customers and colleagues.

1. Our products are successful solutions for our partners

Our goal isn't simply to sell our products to customers; delivering them a successful and complete solution. We are in a constant search, seeking to anticipate the expectations of our clients. We keep up to date, working in a field of unique, economical and eco-friendly products. Our solutions are the key to long-term cooperation with our business partners.

2. We are building an honest business

We understand integrity, transparency, objectivity of information and the honest fulfillment of obligations to colleagues, owners of the Company and its partners. Honesty for us is a requirement for the performance of our mission.

3. We are unique

We develop and manufacture innovative products that embody all our accumulated experience and knowledge. Much attention is paid to the development of scientific potential, combining global and personal development for transformation of innovations into a high-tech and affordable product. We improve production technologies and we expand production facilities. We are cognizant of the track record of others and apply practices that we consider worth-while, but we have our own unique way of product development. We want to be worthy of imitations.

4. We are a unified team

We mean a community of people working, as a team for a unified purpose. By cooperating with each other, we achieve a more substantial and faster result than if each of us worked separately. During discussions of a task we welcome all points of view. Once arriving at a decision, all team members support and implement it. We make decisions deliberately and prudently, and then execute them efficiently and energetically. We invite in like-minded team players, creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and support.

5. We are responsible

Responsibility involves determination, reliability, and honesty. An awareness and willingness to recognize the reasons for ones actions, coupled with a willingness to act rationally for the benefit of other people. Responsibility isn't about feelings of guilt, but rather displaying conviction. Responsibility for us is the ability to act within a framework of ethical standards the benefit of one's self and others.

6. We encourage initiative

We encourage independence and initiative in our employees. The specialist in a workplace possesses more detailed information, than the top administrator. The initiative shown turns into a solution when it is justified, carefully considered and coordinated.

7. We follow the chosen course

Our decisions are based on the philosophy and strategy of the company. It allows us to consistently and reasonably to adhere to our purposes and not to "scatter" resources on minor tasks.

8. Money is not the purpose, but means to an end.

Money is a resource which enables us to develop. Our goal is to create an effective long-term business. We make administrative decisions with a long-term perspective, rather than short-term profit.

9. We are committed to the growth and development of everyone

Professional and personal growth of our employees is a foundation for Company growth. Therefore we create favourable conditions that foster the development of everyone's potential. As instruments of training we use mentoring, working groups and non-standard tasks to promote accelerated professional development.

10. We respect each other

Everyone in the company is worthy of respect. We accept our colleagues such as they are. In cases of dispute we are constructive, do not become personal and understand that a dispute is simply a search for the best solution that will be of the most benefit to the company.

11. We take pride in our work

This is our company and we are proud of the fact that we work here. We love our work and we derive pleasure from it. The success of the company is everyone's success.


This is our company and we are proud of the fact that we work here. We love our work and we derive pleasure from it. The success of the company is everyone's success.


  • Production of strategically important types of aqueous dispersions: acrylic, vinyl acetate, polyurethane, alkyd copolymers and alkyd copolymer hybrids
  • Production of finished and semi-finished products: raw materials and ready-made products

HOMA group seeks to anticipate industry requirements and develop products in advance accordingly.